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#GameRankedMapServersTypeFirst seenGamesRatingDLAvg. time Mean time needed to end map
4ETRanking enabled for this mapGold Rush official» 41official map-1896792989%-26:51
8ETRanking enabled for this mapWürzburg Radar official» 33official map-1533241754%-15:18
5ETRanking enabled for this mapSiwa Oasis official» 30official map-2386377287%-22:18
3ETRanking enabled for this mapFuel Dump official» 23official map-1673145689%-24:12
10ETRanking enabled for this mapRail Gun official» 16official map-1135273759%-23:16
6ETRanking enabled for this mapBattery official» 9official map-1475322771%-15:38
906ETRanking enabled for this mapValhalla Station TE final*» 6deathmatch-254988075%10:24
4334ETRanking enabled for this mapAdlernest final*» 6objective-955454779%12:33
41RtCWRanking enabled for this mapCommunique (Base)» 5objective-114918577%12:53
4958ETRanking enabled for this mapSupply final*» 5objectiveSep 16 20061472359182%18:48
5196ETRanking enabled for this mapBase Race final*» 5objectiveNov 09 2006274883978%26:43
2856ETRanking enabled for this mapSW Siwa Oasis TE beta3*» 4objective-251024580%16:43
8588ETRanking enabled for this mapSpecial Delivery TE final*» 4objectiveMay 25 2008640430983%13:22
168RtCWRanking enabled for this mapIce Goty Mappack» 3objective-50369173%17:17
1582ETRanking enabled for this mapTransmitter final*» 3objective-87654675%20:33
2042ETRanking enabled for this mapSW Gold Rush TE final*» 3objective-693521477%18:58
2979ETRanking enabled for this mapCaen 2 final*» 3objective-398284481%16:37
3034ETRanking enabled for this mapMML Minas Tirith first playable3*» 3objective-116037871%26:09
8605ETRanking enabled for this mapBase Race Desert final*» 3objectiveMay 27 2008141828977%27:36
9033ETRanking enabled for this mapStreets of Italy first playable2*» 3objectiveSep 18 2008170105978%25:36
10879ETRanking enabled for this mapBremen final*» 3objectiveOct 25 2009186864583%13:42
11144ETRanking enabled for this mapBraundorf final*» 3objectiveNov 22 2009142468780%12:30
13975ETRanking enabled for this mapPirates final*» 3objectiveJul 17 2011119072777%12:25
14330ETRanking enabled for this mapUJE Convoy final*» 3objectiveNov 02 20115319980%No data
16252ETRanking enabled for this mapboot» 3 Aug 29 20146167--No data
18538ETRanking enabled for this mapetl_supply» 3 Jan 24 202239182--No data
2RtCWRanking enabled for this mapBeach Invasion official» 2official mapJan 01 1970102544480%-18:13
93ETRanking enabled for this mapET Beach Invasion final 1.1*» 2objective-273106376%10:06
1222RtCWRanking enabled for this mapFrostbite TE» 2objective-20049482%19:03
1722ETRanking enabled for this mapGolden Dunk alpha2*» 2objective-95652476%16:22

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