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Mr. Hopper!
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Lee Dong John
Damn, I'm good!
best map rating: 32.29
mati*** in Gold Rush G...
Call me god!
best overall rating: 29.03
U don't have a woman?
most time played: 6.4 hrs
Lee Dong John
The best place
[UJE]Clan Teamplay
Meister Gandalf - 16 hours 43 minutes agoHappy Ramadan 2 all
WuTangH - 25 days 22 hours 54 minutes agoHello, do someone take care of wolffiles nowadays? I've sent news there, and Mateos updates through Shoutbox. And there're spam posts, too.
Ben#POL - 29 days 9 hours 11 minutes agoi sent a PM to my friend on server with a word SHIT and he banned me LOL what a little person with problems
Ben#POL - 29 days 9 hours 15 minutes ago=OF=Thilias - a narcissist that speced me entire game and kept making me drunk not nice admin on old farts don't play there
Meister Gandalf - 37 days 16 hours 32 minutes agoHappy Valentines day (only to say s.th new here :)
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kajto3 30 days 18 hours 53 minutes ago
omnibot waypoints and goals
rtcwtzs 53 days 2 hours 1 minute ago
new map
Meister Gandalf 114 days 14 hours 58 minutes ago
new map
macbeth 123 days 19 hours 41 minutes ago
Guilded Chat platform
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 25 2005 at 21:39

A new ETPro version is out. You can get it here !!!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 14 2005 at 19:49

Jaymod 1.4 is now available. You can download it at jaymod.clanfu.org

The release of version 1.4 has finally come!

After a (too) long wait, version 1.4 is done and ready for download. Head to the download page and grab it!

And yeah, be sure to read the documentation. Some things have changed, and I'm sure you don't want to be the guy that asks a question that's already answered it writing, now, do you? ; ]

Some changes to version 1.3 (see the documentation for full list and details):
  • Expanded fireteams to 9 members max.
  • Added poison needles.
  • Added adrenaline sharing.
  • Improved playdead.
  • Added g_covertops, g_engineers, g_medics, g_headshot, g_goomba
  • And many more ...
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 11 2005 at 17:35

A new ETPro version is out. You can get it here !!!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 28 2005 at 18:40

The SL is down since about one hour. At this moment we have no feedback from the data center, so the SL will only be available with limited features (kind of a safemode).

Please stay patient.

Update: Everything is back to normal.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 23 2005 at 00:38

On Sunday 2005-09-25 you will have the chance to view the sl.Team in action. The event is taking place as a fun war between the congenial guys of the {NWF} clan and the crew of splatterladder. Both teams give you the opportunity to attend the organized chaos on the RockeFellaz ETTV server. 75 slots need to be filled!
We promise desultory but pretty scenes.

Date: 2005-09-25 / 20:00 CEST
LineUp: user posted image {NWF} vs. user posted image sl
ETTV: [Rockefellaz ETTV by #rockefellaz] (75 slots, admittance 19:00 CEST)
ETTV: [ScZ]-ETTV - www.ScZ-Clan.info (25 slots, admittance 19:00 CEST)

(You want to broadcast this event with your own ETTV server? Drop us a line ...)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 19 2005 at 13:15

On swertcw you can download a DVD image containing some of the best ET and RtCW movies ever made. The DVD was packaged by g3kk0 and it includes DVD menu navigation. If the size of 4.18GB is to large for you, single movie download is still available.
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